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SEPT 21, 2021

Spring has well and truly sprung and we can taste the freedom (and the spring time cocktails 🍸🍹)!

With our new lockdown freedoms including picnics in the park, we've rounded up our top Spring Picnic Essentials. From what to eat, drink, do and most importantly WEAR!

What to EAT!

First things first, you NEED to organise your picnic snacks. What better way to flex your new fully vaxxed freedoms than with an array of delicious snacks to share with your 5 closest friends.

We have put together a blog of some amazing and healthy snack recipes that you can take out and about on your spring picnic debut! These recipes are quick and easy but you will be the talk of the park with just how delicious they are!

Sweet enough to eat!
Check out these cute Dresses.

What to DRINK!

Pair your picnic snacks with some delicious cocktails (or mocktails if you desire). We love the range of cocktail premixes from Mr. Consistent. They're picnic friendly and it's so simple to put together an insta-worthy cocktail in seconds.

They currently have a variety of cocktail mixers and bundles to select from - our personal fave is the Connect with Friends pack - which only seems fitting for our post-lockdown festivities!

If you're looking for some sans alcohol, we recommend something from Sans Drinks. Not only do they have a wide variety of non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits, they also have mocktail kits and picnic kits ready to go.
Another one we love is Altina, who along with their alcohol free wines, have the cutest little dried fruit garnish packs that are sure to step up your mocktail or cocktail game.

Mr Consistent Cocktails


Sans Drinks - Altina Drinks


Chasing a perfect pairing? Try our fave new Accessories!

What to TAKE!

No picnic party is complete without the foundations to all picnics - your picnic basket + rug. We've done the research so you don't have to, on our fave picnic supplies you can purchase online right now!

Not only are these rugs and baskets super functional they're also super aesthetically cute and will give you that Spring Picnic Party vibe we are all chasing right now.

They are all at super affordable prices, so there's no reason not to snap these up while you can.

Picnic Party Setup

Let us take you on a magic carpet ride with these beautiful boho prints!

Needing Some Spring Style Inspo?

Why not checkout our recent blog rounding up the top trends of Spring 2021.

This style guide is all the inspiration you need for a killer, on-trend Spring wardrobe that will have you stepping out in style this season!

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What to DO!

Get yourself grounded with post-lockdown life by getting the grass between your toes! Enjoy your time out in the sunshine with friends and some outdoor games.

What's a little bit of competition amongst friends right? It's time to put those zoom games to bed ( I mean, how many times can you play cards with friends online and it still be entertaining...🙄)

Take charge of your picnic by coordinating some fun outdoor activities for everyone to play. Our personal fave is simple ball and bat games or shuttlecock. Great for getting you up, moving and enjoying some recreation in the sun with friends you haven't seen in person for YONKS!

Games You'll Love

It's all fun and games in our top Playsuits + Pantsuits!

And that's a wrap!

We are SO excited to seize the day and step out and socialised post-lockdown. Finally we can get excited about wearing something other than loungewear. Yay! 💁‍♀️

Get your look picnic-party ready and add some spring to your step with our latest drop of Spring New Arrivals!

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