Gingham & Heels is proud to be supporting plastic recycling through the REDcycle initiative, for all our outbound postbag plastic packaging.

The REDcycle Program is a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic and they have teamed up with Coles, Woolworths and some of Australia’s most-loved brands including us, to make it easy for you to keep your plastic bags and soft plastic packaging out of landfill.

By supporting plastic recycling through the REDcycle system, we aim to share the responsibility of creating a sustainable future.


How it Works

You may have noticed some markings and logos on our printed satchels that you receive your Gingham & Heels parcels in. 

This messaging details that the satchel you have may be dropped off at any REDcycle collection location where it will in turn be used in the manufacturing of something else, such as roads, park benches and other items. Giving this plastic a third life instead of sending it to landfill.

Now, the only way it avoids landfill is if you dispose of it in one of these locations, otherwise if it goes in your regular bin, it will still end up in waste.

To make things easy, collections locations can be found at your local Coles or Woolworths so you can do a quick drop-off on your way in to do groceries.
Being a national program, we are not the only retailer to support recycling through REDcycle and so we encourage you to look at all your packaging for the REDcycle logo. If it appears you should definitely group it with your G&H bag to all be dropped off at a REDcycle bin together.


A Step Further

In addition to recycling through the REDcycle drop off points, which allows us to recycle our bags after use, we have taken it a step further and through our packaging partner, we are proud to say that all our satchels are made of 80% recycled materials before they get to your door.

This means, our satchels are not new plastic introduced to the environment but rather, already made of other waste. Unfortunately, due to things like the adhesive needed to seal the bags, printing needs on the bag and durability requirements to ensure it arrives in one piece, we are unable to say it is 100% recycled. 

We believe 80% is still a huge step forward from new plastics used by other companies and to make up for the 20% shortfall, we are glad to be a part of supporting the REDcycle initiative to ensure it is made useful after it's initial life as your postbag.


Returned Satchels

We encourage all returns to be sent back in our original satchel. You can seal it up with packing tape of your choosing. 

From here we will process your satchel and ensure it arrives at a REDcycle facility.


Drop Off Locations

For your reference we have included a visual below of a drop off bin at a local Woolworths. This is what you are looking out for when you visit your local supermarket.


Next Steps

We have had recent discussions with our packaging partner and are now also arranging for our clear bag packaging that covers and protects each individual garment, be made of 90% recycled materials.

Stay tuned for more updates on this.


Find Out More 

For more details on REDcycle including other brand partners, we encourage you to visit their website directly. Here you can also keep up to date with new trials and programs they are running in Australia.